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Massasoit Community College Archive & Special Collections: COVID-19 Community Project

Our Community writing our history.

The COVID-19 Community Project

This project needs your help. We would like to collect the materials you are creating right now that document this time and submit them to this project for archiving and future research. Some examples of items that could be included in the COVID-19 Community Project are:

  •                        • a sign, art, or story board frames you created 
  •                               • screen shots of social media posts 
  •                        • videos or recordings of events, classes, workouts, spoken words, & music shared online during this time 
    •                • photographs of your home/work-space or scenes from around your community that illustrate   
                             changes in society taken during this time  
  •                        • captures of classroom work or lectures given online 
  •                        • homeschool schedules or other daily routines for parents working from home 
  •                        • your own journal entries (written, audio, or video) documenting your experience

How to Submit Your Contribution

Submissions may be in the form of digital photographs, text files, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, audio files, or video files. By submitting via this email address (, you acknowledge this as an unrestricted gift to the Massasoit Community College Archive.

If you would like to submit non-digital items, please contact the Archive at this email address, or mail to:
Archive & Special Collections, Library
Massasoit Community College
One Massasoit Boulevard
Brockton, MA 02302-3996


All submissions are considered an unrestricted gift to Massasoit Community College Archive & Special Collections.

For more information about our project, or if you have additional questions, please reach out to Barbara Ambos, or Rebecca Gagne.



For current College updates about Covid-19 visit

Why it's important

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