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Our Community writing our history.

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Writing History : Your COVID-19 Experience

Creating the Historical Record for the Future

We are living in an unprecedented and extraordinary time. The Massasoit Community College Archive and Special Collections wishes to capture and preserve our community's history during the COVID-19 pandemic. This special collection will become part of the Archive and Special Collections where future generations can experience and learn from this event through our community's first-hand accounts.

Are you keeping a journal or diary of this time? Has this been part of a class assignment? Please consider sharing your story and donating your expressions to the The Massasoit Community College Archive's COVID-19 Project!

  • We need stories from everyone! No matter your age, profession, or background, anyone is welcome to submit.
  • We are very interested in the stories of students and faculty and the remote teaching experience, our staff, first responders, medical professionals, people in isolation, supermarket employees, and anyone with a story to tell.
  • Participants are encouraged to submit their written journals or diaries, photo essays, video or audio recordings, zines, poetry or any additional creative types of documentation. 
  • Participants may document their personal experiences in a single day, maintain a daily diary for several weeks, or create a reflective weekly journal, at the discretion of the individual and in whatever medium they choose. The project seeks to document how the Massasoit community is carrying on with studies, research, work and life — both physically and emotionally during this time.


How to Submit Your Contribution and More Information

Now is the time to journal, write, draw, record, etc.  Please follow this link to the COVID-19 Community History Project page.  

Get your children involved or save their school assignments on this topic for us.

Thank you! 


For more information about our project, or if you have additional questions,
please reach out to Barbara Ambos, or Rebecca Gagne.

For Current College updates about Covid-19 visit


Digital collections from the Archive

History has a greater impact when it connects the people, events, places, stories, and ideas of the past with those that are important and meaningful to the communities, people, and audiences of today. Let's see where Massasoit Community College has been over the years!

Oral History Projects

Oral History Project image

Massasoit Voices was conducted from 2011-2017 in conjunction with Massasoit Community College's 50th anniversary. The project documents the lives and careers of several Massasoit Community College  administrators, staff, and trustees.

In partnership with the Massasoit Veterans Services, we are conducting The Veterans History Project. Our goal is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal recollections of Massasoit men and women who have served in the armed forces.

Commonwealth Museum Digital Exhibition

Fire and Thunder: Massachusetts Blacks in the Civil War

Despite unequal pay and treatment Massachusetts African Americans played a large role during the Civil War, in the Army, Navy, and on the home-front. In various ways blacks in the Commonwealth stepped forward and helped change the course of history. This exhibit tells the story of their courage, strength, and sacrifice; a story of the quest for a nation free from slavery.

Digital Commonwealth

Digital Commonwealth Logo with link

Digital Commonwealth is a non-profit collaborative organization that provides resources and services to support the creation, management, and dissemination of cultural heritage materials held by Massachusetts libraries, museums, historical societies, and archives. Digital Commonwealth currently has over 130 member institutions from across the state.

This site provides access to thousands of images, documents, and sound recordings that have been digitized by member institutions so that they may be available to researchers, students, and the general public.

Contact the Archives


Rebecca Gagne

 Librarian - Archives Assistant

 508-588-9100 x1942