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Massasoit Community College Archive & Special Collections: Honors Programs

Our Community writing our history.

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Honors Convocation Programs

Honors convocation program covers

About the Honors Programs

The Honors Program at Massasoit offers challenging classes to academically talented students. These annual programs of the ceremony list the events and awarded students. This collection can be found in the Ceremonies Collection.

Note: The Honors Program Convocation Ceremonies Collection contains digitalized copies of the programs distributed during the Annual Honors Convocation Ceremonies for each year that the archive owns. We recognize that our collection contains some gaps, but research is being conducted to find any copies for the collection. If you have a copy of a program from any of the missing dates and would like to assist in completing this collection, contact the archives!

The titles of the documents in the collection have been labeled as they appear on the scanned program document and reflect the naming of the ceremony of that given year.

Honors Convocations