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Massasoit Community College Archive & Special Collections: Dr. Robert R. Rose

Our Community writing our history.

Dr. Robert R. Rose, 1997 - 2001

Dr. Robert Rose


      On February 3, 1997, the Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees selected Dr. Robert R. Rose as the College’s fourth president. His appointment was confirmed by the state Board of Higher Education on March 18, 1997.

      Dr. Rose came to Massasoit Community College from Galveston, Texas where he served as Vice President and Dean of Instruction at Galveston College. He held senior administrative positions in Instruction and Student Services, as well as serving as a faculty member, counselor and educational consultant.

      He earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin (1984) in its well-known Community College Leadership program, a M.A. degree from the University of Oregon (1970), and a B.A. from the University of Alberta (1962). In 1987, Dr. Rose was awarded the W.W. Kellogg Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, during which he co-authored Shared Vision: Transformational Leadership in American Community Colleges with Dr. John Roueche and Dr. George A. Baker, Massasoit’s 1997 Inaugural Keynote Speaker. In 1997, Dr. Rose was selected as a Distinguished Graduate of the Community College Leadership Program and the College of Education.

      Dr. Rose has been committed to many community programs including the American Cancer Society, YMCA, Literacy Volunteers of America, United Way, Rotary Club, and the Chamber of Commerce.

      In his statement of educational philosophy, Dr. Rose stated, “Community colleges need to be a community catalyst exploring and expanding local partnerships particularly with business and industry. These partnerships will attract students, who in turn, will acquire additional skills, resulting in a more skilled workforce – a critical component to enhancing the economic development of any community.” Massasoit’s partnership with Shaw’s Supermarkets, which provides educational services to Shaw’s employees, is just one example.

      He brought to the Presidency of the College a commitment to students as the “centerpiece of our table,” a commitment to the professional development of the faculty and staff and additionally, a commitment to the broader community which Massasoit serves.

      During his time as President the trustees voted to reduce fees and he worked to make it easier for students to transfer between schools in Massachusetts leading to The Commonwealth Transfer Compact that facilitates transfer of Massasoit graduates to junior status into Massachusetts state colleges and universities.