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Massasoit Community College Archive & Special Collections: Past Campuses

Our Community writing our history.


Past Campuses of Massasoit

Image of the Sprague School

Chandler Sprague School - Summer 1966

Massasoit was loaned the Chandler "Sprague School" as its first temporary site in Brockton, MA. The building was constructed in 1878 to replace two existing schools and was eventually demolished in 1977. The building was used strictly for the budding college's academic offices in the summer of 1966. Before the fall, a new space had been found to welcome the students.

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Image of the Charles M. Frolio School

Charles M. Frolio School - Fall 1966-1971

After leaving the Sprague School, Massasoit began classes in the Frolio School in Abington., MA. At the time the college had 352 students and 22 faculty. It was time to try new ideas and invent traditions, like the celebratory Massasoit Day. By 1968 however, the school was filled to capacity and needed a second location house its approximately 650 students.

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    Charles M. Frolio School photo

Howard School

Howard School - 1968-1971

With 650 students, Massasoit had run out of room for its students in the Frolio location and needed to expand. Located in West Bridgewater, the Howard School was originally a school for girls and became a satellite campus for Massasoit until 1972.

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Camp Miramar, building, Duxbury

Camp Miramar, Duxbury - 1970-1972

In 1970, the Camp Miramar in Duxbury, MA became the second satellite campus for Massasoit. Originally known as the Miramar School, it was originally a school for training missionaries.


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Camp Miramar School image Camp Miramar School image Camp Miramar parking lot photo  Camp Miramar student reading Photo of event at Camp Miramar School Photo of Camp Miramar bridge