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Collection Development Policy

This living document was compiled by the Massasoit Library staff to capture the major ideas that guided the decision making processes across disciplines.

Purpose of the Policy

This document establishes written principles and guidelines for the growth, management, and maintenance of the Massasoit Community College Libraries’ collections at the Brockton and Canton locations. It communicates the Libraries’ collection development procedures to the faculty, administration, students, librarians, and other interested individuals in the college community. Furthermore, it prioritizes adherence to the strategic goals of the college and of the Commonwealth, including the Equity Agenda, the New Undergraduate Experience Report, and accreditation standards. 

The primary focus of the Libraries’ collections supports learning, teaching, general interest at Massasoit and the Equity Agenda of Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Additionally, the Libraries adhere to educational and industry standards, including:

This collection development policy provides the flexibility for professional expertise and judgment and is subject to  new ideas and trends, evolving technologies, and changes in curricular programs.

Library Mission Statement & Goals

The Massasoit Community College Libraries reflect the mission of the College by providing resources, comprehensive services, and a learning environment which fosters the pursuit of lifelong learning by the College and surrounding communities.


  • To provide access to diverse resources that support the information needs of the College community

  • To promote the Libraries as an educational and cultural resource for the College community and the area it serves

  • To encourage student success by teaching the skills needed to facilitate lifelong learning

  • To increase faculty and staff collaboration and participation in and awareness of library initiatives

  • To acquire, preserve, and make accessible the historical materials of the College and its alumni


* adopted by Library Staff May 21, 2018