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Collection Development Policy

This living document was compiled by the Massasoit Library staff to capture the major ideas that guided the decision making processes across disciplines.

Selection Criteria

The Emergent Technologies Division encompasses HVAC, Visual Arts, and the Architectural, Diesel, and Engineering & Networking Technologies Departments. According to the division’s website, the educational preparation of these students requires constant monitoring to retool skills according to real-time workforce requirements and trends.

Books and eBooks

Essential criteria to keep in mind with selecting materials in these areas include:

  • Selected materials not only support the curricula but address the evolving nature of students’ skills development for these departments. 

  • Current popular materials on consumer emergent technology related topics ensure that the collections offer technical expertise, updated business practices, industrial management, communication, and leadership skills.

  • Departmental accreditation needs are prioritized.

  • Selector bases acquisitions on course and/or assignment needs and the frequency of requests for materials in particular subject areas.  

  • Currency and diversity of voices in emergent technology leadership, communications, and management are purposefully acquired. 


Although standard subscriptions meet the overall needs of Emerging Technology students, the Libraries subscribe to the following database to specifically support two year workforce programs:

  • Associates Program Source Plus (EBSCO)