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Collection Development Policy

This living document was compiled by the Massasoit Library staff to capture the major ideas that guided the decision making processes across disciplines.

Selection Criteria

Massasoit’s Business and Technology Division includes the Business, Computer Science/Technology, Culinary Arts and Hospitality departments. The selector should be mindful of business environment trends as well as the curriculum development in these areas. Additionally, the Faculty Librarian provides input on the need and use of electronic resources supporting business and technology. 

Books and eBooks

Essential criteria to keep in mind with selecting materials in these areas include:

  • Business books and eBooks follow the curricular guidance of the business program. Areas of focus include biographies of CEOs and entrepreneurs, business planning guides and financial health & literacy books. 

  • Culinary arts materials include cookbooks, the history of food and cuisine in a variety of cultures, chef biographies, guides on food safety and purchasing, and restaurant or catering management. 

  • Computer science materials include workbooks on software applications, the history of technology and sustainable technologies for the future. 


 The Libraries invest in the Division specifically by subscribing to:

  • Wall Street Journal (ProQuest)

  • Business Source Complete (EBSCO) 

  • Associates Programs Source Plus (EBSCO)

These collections provide the necessary scholarly and trade resources for the business & culinary faculty and students to become comfortable with the concepts and conversations of the field.