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Collection Development Policy

This living document was compiled by the Massasoit Library staff to capture the major ideas that guided the decision making processes across disciplines.

Policy for Donors

The library accepts gifts or donations [books, media and in-kind materials*] at the discretion of the Director, and only when they strengthen our collections in support of the institutional mission and goals. The donor should be aware of the following caveats:

  • The library will supply or confirm an itemized list of approved gifts/donations that acknowledges receipt, but does not appraise value.
  • Through acceptance, the donor acknowledges that a gift/donation in its entirety becomes part of the collections and will be managed solely by the department through its curatorial standards. Criteria for removal include: format, subject matter, and physical condition.
  • The department is not obligated to acknowledge or retain any unsolicited items.


*Monetary donations to the college are managed through Institutional Advancement.