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Collection Development Policy

This living document was compiled by the Massasoit Library staff to capture the major ideas that guided the decision making processes across disciplines.

Selection Criteria

The Humanities & Communications Arts Division includes English, Academic ESOL, Media Arts, Modern Languages, and Theatre Arts. In addition to Teaching Faculty input, the selector consults lists prepared for professional librarians such as Library Journal and GOBI Spotlight Lists. The Faculty Librarian also closely monitors new course offerings for potential resource gaps. 

Books and eBooks

Essential criteria to keep in mind when selecting materials in this area include:

  • Although the Libraries collect primarily in English, the Faculty Librarian acquires selective materials in other languages to support the Modern Languages curriculum and other subject areas, particularly children’s literature.

  • In fiction selection, the selector gives preference to established literary works, prizewinners, and new works receiving literary acclaim. Special attention is paid to readability with the aim of collecting a diverse scope of voices that support the Humanities & Communication Arts curriculum. 

  • Literary criticism with a range of perspectives is collected in both print and electronic formats to supplement database materials. 

  • Nonfiction works such as author biographies are selected if relevant to the curriculum.

  • Well-reviewed popular fiction and nonfiction works are collected at a range of reading levels for the Early College Collection which supports the developmental reading and ESOL curriculum at Massasoit by:

    • Encouraging reading

    • Fostering language development 

  • Selected grammar and writing books support developmental reading and academic ESOL programs. 

  • Materials supporting communications and media courses such as speech and journalism require special attention to currency and diversity of voices. 

  • The Youth Collection consists of books appropriate for children including Caldecott and Newbery Award winners, many emphasizing diversity and multiculturalism. Collected titles provide instructional support to students across divisions in both Children’s Literature and Early Childhood Education courses.  

  • Materials supporting the Theatre Arts curriculum include plays as well as monographs on theatre/drama criticism and technique. 


The library currently licenses five specific databases in order to provide appropriate support for Humanities and Communication Arts:

  • Literary Reference Center

  • Drama For Students

  • Novels For Students

  • Poetry For Students

  • Short Stories For Students