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2017 Spring ~ One Book, One College - A Chance in the World: An Orphan Boy, A Mysterious Past, and How He Found a Place Called Home: Event Highlights

Spring 2017 Massasoit One Book One College selection: A Chance in the World and history of the OBOC community reads program.

One Book One College Kick-off

Join the One Book One College Committee 

at our opening event celebrating our book,


A Chance in the World

By Steve Pemberton  

Monday January 30th 

at 12 noon in the Brockton Campus Library.


 This is a great opportunity to check out a copy of the book, 

review the calendar of activities, and walk through our OBOC Art Exhibit,

 “Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multi-Racial Families” 

(co-sponsored by the Office of Diversity). 


The kickoff will feature remarks from Dr. Barbara McCarthy, 

as well as a talk from Dr. Aviva Rich-Shea about her work with the 

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, 

which oversees foster care in the state.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Writing Contest - The Challenge

One Book One College Writing Contest 

Steve Pemberton’s A Chance in the World narrates the story of a boy who defied the odds. Despite the mental and physical abuse Steve encountered in his foster home, kindness came to him in unexpected ways: the gift of books from a woman whose name he didn’t know, the director of the Upward Bound program who saw Steve’s potential and helped to cultivate it, a social worker who helped him walk away, and a teacher who opened his doors to Steve, offering him a safe place to live. Steve Pemberton overcame a bleak, often terrifying and abusive past to grow into a remarkable man and find his way home.

Write about a time you faced a challenge of some kind. What did you do? What were your survival strategies? Who gave you hope? What happened in the end?   


1st : $200 Massasoit Barnes and Noble gift certificate

2nd : $100 Massasoit Barnes and Noble gift certificate

3rd : $50 Massasoit Barnes and Noble gift certificate

Service Project - Children's Book Drive