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Writing and Research Modules in Canvas

The table of contents and links to videos for the the online modules (MLILM) hosted in Canvas that focus on research and writing skills.

Picking Your Topic

Choosing Your Topic Requires Research 

Assignment Activity:  Video (3:11)

Description: This video highlights the need for "pre-research"- making sure students know that there are appropriate sources available for their topic before they commit to that topic. 

Accountability: Worksheet, (Word Doc) which has student briefly peruse different sources to help refine their research question and develop their topic.


How to Google

Assignment Activity: Video (3:23)

Description: This video provides tips to make searching with Google less overwhelming and more streamlined. Tips include how to use limiters and keywords as well as advanced search options.

Accountability: Quiz (5 questions) and Search Tips Handout (PDF)


Searching is Strategic

Assignment Activity: Video (3:15)

Description: This video gives an overview of what it takes to be a successful searcher- starting the keyword searching. Video offers tips for tracking research and modifying your search by brainstorming other keywords. 

Accountability: Quiz (3 open ended questions)


Understanding Keyword Searching  

Assignment Activity: Video (2:25)

Description: This video visually depicts how to turn research questions (which work in Google) into a series of keywords (which work in library databases). The development of alternative keywords to narrow & broaden a search is also covered

Accountability: Keyword Worksheet (PDF)


Developing a Research Question

Assignment Activity:  Video (6:25)

Description:  This video describes the difference between a research question and a thesis statement and why both are needed. 

Accountability: Creating a Thesis Statement 


Using Wikipedia.... or not

Assignment Activity:  Video (4:38)

Description:  This video  describes the positive and negative aspects of Wikipedia, and also demonstrates how to use the library's reference book database, Credo Reference.

Accountability: Quiz (4 questions) 

Writing assignment possibility: Compare the treatment of a topic from 

1. A specialized encyclopedia, 2. A general encyclopedia or book, and 3. Wikipedia.