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Writing and Research Modules in Canvas

The table of contents and links to videos for the the online modules (MLILM) hosted in Canvas that focus on research and writing skills.

Locate Sources

What are Databases? 

Assignment Activity: Video (2:35)

Description: This video explains the difference between what you find on the web and what is in library databases, including subject specific journals and other content. There is a brief look at the tools databases contain to filter and narrow a search as well.

Accountability: Quiz  (10 questions)


Choosing the "Right" Database 

Assignment Activity: Video (1:35)

Description: A video that demonstrates how to use the A-Z list on the website and find a database based on the subject of your research or what kind of source you need (ex. news).

Accountability: The Worksheet  has students do the same search is three different subject databases and compare results.


How to Read Results from Discovery

Assignment Activity: Video (2:35)

Description: A screencast of the library's Discovery Search that explains the different items on the results page.

Accountability: Quiz (5 questions)


Using Keywords and Subject Headings

Assignment Activity: Video (2:35)

Description: There is a difference in results when searching by keyword and by subject headings. This video uses the analogy of a grocery store to explain how headings work and why they are useful.

Accountability: Discussion Board that allows students to test and record the different results they get form keyword and subject heading searching.


Format Matters- Understanding Source Type

Assignment Activity: Video (3:41)

Description: In this case, "format" means source type. The video reviews the scholarly publishing process, how those results differ from news or social media.

Accountability: Worksheet (Word Doc) This worksheet is a chart that helps students decide what kind of source best fits their need. Depending on the topic or the assignment, social media or news might be fine. But there is some information that might be better served by reading a trade journal or an academic article. The worksheet allows students to talk about the way information NEED influences source TYPE.


How to Read & Use Citations

Assignment Activity: Video (2:25)

Description: This video introduces students to the information that makes up a citation, regardless of style, and also discusses how citations can be used to perform further research and why they are important.

Accountability: Quiz (5 questions)


What Kind of Evidence Do You Need?

Assignment Activity: Video (3:06), Persuasive Topic Brainstorming Worksheet Preview the document

Description: This video is aimed at the creation of persuasive projects (speeches or essays). It describes the difference between anecdotal and research based evidence and why both are useful, especially in a speech context.

Accountability: Quiz (4  questions)

Note: works well in conjunction with the Searching Opposing Viewpoints Assignment.


Searching Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher

Assignment Activity: Video (3:55)

Description: This video is a screencast of how to use Opposing Viewpoints in Context and CQ Researcher, and some of the features available in each.

 Accountability: A guided search worksheet. The document that has students do a brief search on the same topic in each database and evaluate their experience.


Google Scholar in a Nutshell

Assignment Activity: Video (2:07)

Description: This video  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external a screencast demonstrating of the advantages to using Google Scholar and shows how to set up a Google Scholar account in order t make the most of the content available.

    Accountability:  Setting up a Google Scholar account for research.


Cited Reference Searching  & Other Tricks in Google Scholar

Assignment Activity: Video (2:34)

Description: This video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. is a screencast of the different ways Google Scholar can assist your research with "hidden" full text articles and linked citations.

 Accountability: A citation analysis assignment. The document that has students search Google Scholar and trace the citations of a chosen article to see what research has come before and after their choice.