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2018/2019 ~ One Book,One Community - Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools: Faculty Resources

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, selection for our College and Community Read Progam

For Faculty - Class Preparation Guide

We are honored to have the author, Monique W. Morris, Ed.D visit Massasoit on April 24, 2019.   

Below, please find a resource guide to help you with your class preparation.    These resources* may also be found in the Appendix A, in the back of the book.     

* Morris, Monique W., "Appendix A"  Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, The New Press, 2016, pp.199-223. 

Canvas- page with book link and events

On Intersectionality

Book Themes

·         African American girls and education.

·         African American girls and social conditions.

·         discrimination in education and United States.

·         women, race and class and education

·         crime and education

·         zero-tolerance policies and school

·         feminism and higher education

·         intersectionality

·         intersectionality and African American girls

·         justice and race

·         justice and race relations

·         racism and schools

·         social justice

·         social science  


Justice at the Bench: A panel of judges operating in the juvenile justice system.

Jay D. Blitzman, First Justice-Massachusetts Juvenile Court, Middlesex Division    Prior to his judicial appointment, Judge Blitzman was a founder and the first director of the Roxbury Youth Advocacy Project, a community based interdisciplinary public defenders unit which created the basis for the development of a statewide department. Jay also co-founded Citizens for Juvenile Justice (CfJJ) and the Massachusetts Bar Association Juvenile and Child Welfare Section. He is a co-founder of Our RJ, formerly known as the Juvenile Court Restorative Justice Diversion program, and serves on that group’s advisory committee. Since becoming a judge, he has continued to present and write on a wide range of juvenile justice and child welfare issues. Judge Blitzman is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Actor’s Equity, and has served as the writer’s consultant on the television series The Trials of Rosie O’Neil, and Judging Amy.

Leslie E. Harris, retired Associate Justice - Massachusetts Juvenile Court, Suffolk Division    Judge Harris served as a street worker for the Chicago Community Centers, working with street gangs and as a camp counselor. He has been a Director for the METCO program in Melrose MA, a probation officer for Suffolk Superior Court, a licensed Social Worker, and Hearing Examiner for the Brookline Rent Control Board and a Public Defender at the Roxbury Defenders Office of the Committee for Public Counsel Services and Chief of the Juvenile Division of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.  He is a founding member of Citizens For Juvenile Justice, The Youth Advocacy Project (now Department) of the Roxbury Defenders Committee, Alternatives For Community and Environment (ACE), and Our Restorative Justice. Judge Harris is a frequent speaker at community events and graduations. He has been featured in many television specials and has served as a commentator on various television programs.