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2018/2019 ~ One Book,One Community: About One Book

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, selection for our College and Community Read Progam

About the Program

The One Book, One Community Program enhances the academic and intellectual culture of the college through a shared reading experience.   


A committee of faculty and staff meet over the course of months to choose a book for the entire college to read during the following semester, usually the Fall. The book selected serves as a catalyst for considered conversations which often have focused on issues about history, culture, society, human interactions and social justice. The books we choose tend to just push along the edges, so while people may start conversations with feelings about the book or topic, they soon move into thoughtful, intellectual engagement with one another.  


Criteria for book selection include:

  • Mass appeal to the College and its greater community
  • Flexible teaching text with moderate page length
  • Collegiate reading level
  • Paperback availability
  • Author visit viability


You may find that the book has been integrated into your course syllabi, faculty may mention the book during a class as a supplemental read for a course topic, or the libraries may post information about the book and its author.   

It goes beyond in-class discussion, however.   


Over the course of the semester, you will have many opportunities to share and compare ideas about the One Book. Many faculty and staff will also have read the book, providing a broad base for discussion outside the classroom. Additionally, many of the lectures, discussions, exhibits, films and concerts that take place during the semester are specifically chosen to complement the book.  


Books will be available in the college libraries and bookstore. Join fellow classmates, faculty, and staff in the excitement of the One Book by attending discussions, presentations and events.   


Watch for news of the latest selection on the Massasoit Website, Portal and the Library pages.