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Speech: Informative Speech

Topic Ideas for Informative Speeches

Check with your instructor for course specifics first; however, generally informative speeches are about objects, processes, events, or concepts.

OBJECTS - An identification and then a discussion about an object and its benefits; i.e., a person, animal, structure, machine.

PROCESS - Instruction, step-by-step, on how something works, is made, or is done; i.e., how to bake a cake, build a birdhouse, use a software program, or fill out a FAFSA.

EVENTS - Information about something that has happened, is happening, or is expected to happen; i.e., the spread of the H1N1 flu virus, the history of the Afghan war, or an explanation of Ponzi schemes.

CONCEPTS - To examine theories, beliefs, or ideas; i.e., explain the theory that TV violence breeds violence or inform your audience about the Koran.

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