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Research Video Tutorials: Overview

   We know there isn't always time or room in the schedule to ask someone how to accomplish your research and writing tasks. 

  This page highlights some of the videos the Library and Writing Center have curated to help you accomplish your goals. There is a description of each video next to the link, as well as a link to the full YouTube playlist with more help as well. Our DIY Research channel includes specific videos for science, history and literature research; go straight there if that's what you need.

Your Research Topic

Developing a Research Question Sometimes the hardest part about research is figuring out what question to answer. 
Picking Your Topic It takes a little research to narrow down what your topic really is
Search vs. Research There is a difference between searching for information and researching to find an answer to a question
Using Keywords to Search Databases There are tricks to searching library databases - learn them here

Finding Sources

What are Databases? Why should you use a database instead of Google? Now you know
Using Keywords and Subject Headings Save time and frustration with these search strategies
Finding articles with Library Discovery Using the powerful tools in our library Discovery service to find what you need
Google Scholar in a Nutshell Google is great; Google scholar is even better

Evaluating Sources

The Information Cycle Where does information come from? How does it get from Twitter to a newspaper to a published book? 
What is a Peer Reviewed Article?  Your professor requires you to use them; find out why
Evaluating a Website The web isn't bad; you just need to pay attention

Writing and Citing 

How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article You have your articles; now what? 
Active Reading Strategies Taking notes keeps you from rereading the same thing over and over
Plagiarism: what it is and how to avoid it Ensure that you don't make a mistake
Summarize, paraphrase and quote sources Learn the three methods of adding research to your assignment 


Full Research DIY channel on YouTube