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Library Training

Checkout/Loan Periods

Most Common: 


  1. Books: 28 Days, 14 day renewal
  2. DVDs: 14 Days, no renewal


  1. Books: end of semester
  2. DVD: 14 Days, no renewal 

To Check Out, You Need...


Students need a student ID to checkout items. To get one:

  1. Direct student down to Student Life (ground floor, Student Center)
  2. If they are a new student they will need a printout of their schedule, which should be in their orientation packet. 

Calculator Checkout Procedure

Calculator Checkout Procedure

  • Student must have student ID. THEN they: 
    1. Fill out calculator contract
    2. Pay for calculator in Student Central 
    3. Circulation desk must see stamped contract. 
    4. Checkout calculator to student
    5. Student should keep contract until the end of the semester
    6. Student should return calculator at the end of the semester. 

Damaged/Missing Books

If an item is returned that has water damage or serious marks:

  1. Do not check the item in
  2. Explain to the patron that the item will go to the supervisor
  3. Give item to the supervisor