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Library Training


Answers at the Ready!

  1. Look through the Frequently Asked Questions online. You’ll find lots of info on printing and some of our most common computer questions.
  2. Read the handouts at the Info Center table and go through each process.

Student Computers

Student Computers

Most common issue: Patron can’t log in. 

  • Ask if they are a student. If not, members of the public can use the 4 computers near the library classroom.
  • If it’s a student, remind them to use their Massasoit username and password, same as when they check their email. If they still can’t log in, have them call the help desk from the “Hotline.” If it is after hours when nobody is on at the helpdesk, the student can reset their own password using the Public computers.

Printing at the Student Computers


  • Load paper from Blue Room to cabinet near student printer.
  • Load paper trays at the two student printers. Note: Don’t overfill the tray or jams will happen.
  • Printing defaults to double-sided
  • If a patron is out of Pharos print funds, let the Circulation Manager (or a Librarian) handle it.
  • If a patron is unable to log on to the print release station, but they were able to log on to a student computer, let the Circulation Manager (or a Librarian) handle it. This usually means that the patron is not currently registered as a student.
  • Info Center: We have a handout for printing in B&W and Color

Common Printing Issues

  • Print job doesn’t show on the Pharos release station. 
    • Go to their computer and check to see if they are the person that is logged in. 
    • If they are, ask if they saw the pop-up and clicked OK. (Often they walk away from the pop-up. By the time they get back to the computer, the pop-up has timed out)
    • If they say that they answered OK to the pop-up, have them print again anyway. Remind them that they will not get charged until they pick up a job at the release station 
  • Patron wants to print a web site and it looks bad: go to
  • PDF/Word is not printing correctly: Make sure printing is happening from the native application rather than from the browser. Have the student download the document and then open it in Adobe or MS Word.
  • Released print job doesn’t print. If the student released their job and nothing comes out of the printer, it’s either a paper jam or paper size issue.
    • Paper Jam:
      • If the printer indicates paper jam, follow the diagram or ask for help.
    • If no paper jam, the patron is probably trying to print something that is not 8.5x11. You can get these to print:
      • Ask for help, OR
      • At the printer, click on “View Active Jobs”
      • Click on the print job
      • Select “Print on Alternate Paper”
      • Select any of the 8.5 x 11 options (they all work)
      • Click OK

Student Scanner

The Scanner

  • The library has a scanner attached to a computer. Instructions are posted at the scanner station. Most students will be able to follow those directions on their own.
  • The scanner station is in the Pharos system as SC201-50. It is listed under the Public group, but it does not allow a public logon. Since there is no generic logon, it is for students/faculty/staff only. 
  • Students can print from the scanner station: They can print just like at a normal workstation. The pop-up will appear as usual.
  • Instructions are on the wall in front of the scanner, and also on the desk. Try them!
  • Note: In rare cases, a student will ask to be able to create an editable document from a scan. This requires a special program ABBY FineReader 9.0 Sprint. Instructions exist on our shared drive and on our blog. Ask someone from circ for help.

Student Copier

The Copier

The copier requires real money, not Pharos money. Use coins or dollar bills. 

Pages can be batch-fed if they are in decent condition. Feed the best edge in first.