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ENGL091 - Preparing for College Reading I - Rankin: Start

This guide supports the research assignment for Professor Rankin's ENGL091 class.


Keywords are the important words that make up your topic.

Topic: What are the benefits of a community college education?

Keywords: community college, benefits, education

Search Tips


  • Use quotation marks to search for webpages containing that exact phrase. Example: "community college"
  • Don't worry about capitalization, spelling, and punctuation
  • Use AND between your keywords to search for web pages that include two terms or phrases (Example: education and Massachusetts)
  • Look through your search results before clicking on a website


  • Use the Refine Results menu to limit your search results
  • Look for citation tools
  • Check out listen and translate options

EBSCO Discovery Service

Start your research with EBSCO Discovery! 

Citing Sources

  • Massasoit databases have citation tools.
  • Use Zoterobib to cite websites:

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