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2012 ~ One Book One College - Greasy Rider: Six-Word Memoir

Spring 2012 Massasoit One Book One College selection: Greasy Rider and history of the OBOC community reads program.

You are invited....

In 2006, the online SMITH Magazine started the six-word memoir project. Readers were invited to submit their tiny stories and they answered in droves.
 "Greasy Rider" is about a unique car and a "remarkable journey of discovery" about the importance of being "Green." The One Book, One College committee would like to extend the six-word memoir challenge to the college community: submit a six-word memoir around the theme of "rides," journeys and sustainability.   Can you tell the story of your most memorable journey or your "green" viewpoint in six-words?

To give it a try - submit your six word memoir by using the Comments below:

Cool Ride and Six-Word Memoir

Professor Peter Meggison
Kool Kanary-Kolored Kayak Kareening through Alaska


Smith Online

See Larry Smith's original website

Read examples

Get inspired



Six word memoirs from Greasy Rider

My husband’s adventure, my heart’s worry
Adventure is only for the willing
Life-changing, Mid-life motorcycle drive to Sturgis

Life is an adventure: make yours
Friends plus french-fry oil equals adventure
Adventures revolve around journeys not endings
Frugal idea equals a lifetime adventure!
Friendly French-fry Fueled Flight cross country!
Slant six devastated by lubrication deficiency
Gas: the new four letter word
Mercedes Benz Wagon: Elegant French-fry Machine
Car trouble: car please heal thyself!
French fried fuel: you're fooling me?
Friends survive cross country road trip.
Carbon foot prints: made not bought!