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Apps - We have an app for that!: Libby

Helpful apps for the mobile library user.

You can use Libby with your public library card!

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What is Libby?

!!! Your Massasoit Library barcode is no longer a valid card for Libby/Overdrive !!!

Libby is the app to use to borrow eBooks or audiobooks from Overdrive. You may set up your account using any of the below barcodes:

  • Your Public Library
  • Boston Public Library eCard


The screenshots below show the Old Colony Library Network. The app will look different depending on which public library you use as your Libby library.

Download and Install the Libby app from Google Play, iTunes or the appropriate app store for your device.

Open the app and click on Libby's greeting: Hi!

Click on Find my Library.

Look for your public library on the map. Click on the "add it now" link to add your library card.

Enter your public library barcode and PIN. Click Sign In.

Now you are ready to browse available eBooks and audiobooks, or search for a specific title.

Borrow a Book

The Libby app is easy to navigate with both a Library and a Shelf view. While in the library view, browse or search for a book. You can browse by clicking on one of the Popular Collection categories such as Fiction, Mystery, Literature etc. To search, click near the magnifying symbol in the upper left and start typing your book title.

You can refine your search as well. Once you find the book you want, just click on Borrow. (Note: if the book says "Read sample" it is an eBook. If it says "Listen to a sample" it's an audiobook!)

The borrowing period defaults to 14 days for libraries. Your library may be different.

Once you're borrow the book, you decide whether to keep browsing for other books or go to the shelf to read the book.

This is what a shelf looks like with two books checked out. Note below that one is an eBook and he other is an audiobook.

If you click on one of the books on your shelf, you will see options for reading it, returning it, etc.

Happy reading and listening!

You can set up more than one library within the app. Sometimes that helps when you are really looking for a specific book. As an example, you can have both your local public library and Boston Public Library set up in Libby.

To do this, click on menu (three horizontal lines in upper right) / Switch Library.

Search for Boston Public (or whatever library you would like to search for)

When you click on Boston Public, it will take you to their catalog. Now you can add your BPL library card.

Supported Devices

Get the App!

App Questions?

Feel free to email your questions to Madge Boldt, call me at 508-588-9100 x1940, or stop by the library at Brockton with your mobile device and we will figure it out together!