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NURS303 - Nursing Seminar: Start

This guide will highlight resources needed to complete the nursing seminar term paper.


Need articles and books for your term paper? Use the Resources tab.

Need to know how to format your paper and create your bibliography? Use the Citations - APA style tab, along with our citation guide.

Looking for a topic?


Use the Topic Finder in the Nursing and Allied Health Collection.

Enter a term you are interested in, such as palliative care. You will see a Tile display like this:

Now you can click on each individual tile to narrow in on a more specific topic. You will see articles on the topic appear over to the right.

The wheel view is really nice as well. Just click the Wheel radio button. Click through topics to display different articles on the right.

Poke around and have fun with this. 

Once you have found a topic that you want to focus on, look for more articles in CINAHL. (Click on the Resources tab to get there!)


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