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Writing and Research Modules in Canvas

The table of contents and links to videos for the the online modules (MLILM) hosted in Canvas that focus on research and writing skills.

Primary Sources

What are Primary Sources?

Assignment Activity: Video (3:18)

Description: This video highlights the difference between primary and secondary sources, how they are created, and how they are used. 

Accountability: Quiz (5 Questions)


Primary Source Analysis: Search and Find

Assignment Activity: Video (3:10)

Description: This video highlights how to find primary sources on the web in various digital repositories and online archives. The assignment assumes students have an understanding of what qualifies as a primary source. 

Accountability: A primary source analysis worksheet guides students through reading the source, describing it's audience and historical content, and understanding it's purpose.  


Primary Source Discussion   

Assignment Activity: Discussion Board

Description: This discussion board offers the entire class the opportunity to talk about a primary source they have analyzed and comment on others' choices, ask questions about it, and increase their knowledge about the different types of primary sources. 


Literary Criticism

Introduction to Literary Criticism Research

Assignment Activity: Video (2:45)

Description: This video explores the basics of searching for literary criticism and looks at two criticism databases, Short Stories for Students and Artemis.

Accountability: Quiz (5 questions)