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Library Staff Page: Meet the Staff


Librarian Staff


Patricia Naughton,

Director of Library Services

508-588-9100 x1943

Pauline Aiello,

Coordinator Library Services, Canton

508-588-9100 x2945

Madge Boldt,

Nursing & Allied Health, Electronic Resources

508-588-9100 x1940

Erin McCoy

Reference & Instruction, Public Services & Social Sciences

508-588-9100 x1946

Kay Neary

Reference & Instruction, Humanities & Fine Arts/OER

508-588-9100 x1932

Rachel Zyirek

Reference & Instruction, Business & Science

508-588-9100 x1933

Technical Services Staff


Barbara Ambos, Archives and Cataloger

508-588-9100 x1947

Rebecca Gagne, Archives Assistant 

508-588-9100 x1948

Beth Stewart, Oral History Project

508-588-9100 x1964

Lou Johnson, Administrative Assistant

508-588-9100 x1945


Circulation Staff


Jeannie Weathers, Brockton Manager

508-588-9100 x1947

Maria Andrade, Brockton

508-588-9100 x1948

Jessica True, Brockton

508-588-9100 x1941

Rachel Gammon, Canton 

508-588-9100 x2942

Thomas Perriard, Canton

508-588-9100 x2942

Donna Krol, Canton 

508-588-9100 x2942