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Learning Styles: Tactile

Tactile Learners

Tactile learners:

  • Learn better by doing and prefer a hands-on approach.
  • Need to feel objects to learn something about them.
  • Often want to try out a new activity without many instructions, "Let me try..."
  • Participating in activity, rather than reading or listening, is helpful.

Tips for Tactile Learners

  • Take frequent study breaks
  • Partner with other haptic learners
  • Try to envision yourself in a scene
  • Learn new material while doing something active
  • Chew gum while studying
  •  Work while standing
  • Try to take classes with instructors who encourage demonstrations and hands on activities
  • Write out checklists of things to be learned or looked for
  • Take notes on paper or a laptop while reading listening in class

Library Resources

For students who prefer to move around as they learn, the library has tables and chairs that can be reconfigured for group study or independent work. We offer a variety of different study areas and furniture to keep your learning environment feeling fresh and inspiring.