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Library Support for Faculty

This guide encompasses all the services the library provides for faculty and instructors.

Multilingual Tools in Databases

Changing the interface language:

  • All EBSCO databases offer the ability to change the language of the search screen. Click on the Languages link at the top of the screen and choose the language you prefer.

Limiting by language:

  • There is a language option on the Advanced Search screen which allows you to search for materials in a language other than English. Be sure to scroll down on the search screen to locate the Language menu. This option will search materials available exclusively in the language you prefer and display English-language materials that have been translated to your preferred language.

Translating the full text of an article:

  • Articles in HTML format can be translated from the item screen. When you see an article with this icon:   , click on this link. You will see options for translating the article above the title of the article.

Translating the full text of an article:

  • Each article will have the following tools listed within the full text


Films On Demand is compatible with Google Translate. Film transcripts and descriptive text can be translated with the Google Translate option at the bottom on the page: 


Changing the interface language:


Translate the full text of an article:


Multilingual Resources