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For Faculty: Tools and Resources

Information and instructions for connecting with librarians and adding library resources to courses

Remote work still works for librarians and library resources!

Connect with your liaison librarian to explore how the library can support you and your students or read through this guide and peruse all of your options. 

Your librarian can collaborate with you to create a LibGuide with specific resources for a class or assignment. Students can access this from anywhere, and it can integrate easily into Canvas as well. Some examples include: 

  1. Assignment specific guide with research steps and instructions. 
  2. Course specific guide that supplements concepts discussed during the semester. 
  3. Research guide for a specific discipline.
  4. Assignment specific guide for students' final projects. 

 In the current online and video-teaching environment, library instruction can happen three ways:

1. For ONLINE Classes: work with your liaison librarian on embedding a custom research module into your course. 

2. For Video Conference/Remote Courses:  a "live" library session with your class via Zoom, which would closely mirror an in-person library session. 

3. Individual meetings with a librarian: this works best for upper level courses with a substantial research project; you can require that your students meet with a librarian at some point during their research process. Librarians can meet with students via Zoom or telephone. 

  Have an assignment you need to adjust? Are you dissatisfied with the research your students produce? Do you want to be sure your students use library resources but aren't sure how to get them there? 

Collaborate with your liaison librarian while you rework a lesson or assignment to incorporate information literacy concepts. 

Review these guidelines for editing your research assignment.





  Embedding a librarian into your Canvas course has multiple advantages to you and your students: 

1. It connects library resources to students as needed. 

2. Provides the space for librarians to interact with students regarding their research assignments. 

3. Gives librarians access to suggest, promote, and facilitate the inclusion of library resources.

  Librarian involvement can be customized to your needs. Some examples include:

  • The librarian works with students on specific research-focused assignments. 
  • "Ask the Librarian" is built into the specific assignments. Students are more likely to use the embedded librarian service if the assignment for that week either requires or reminds them to do so.
  • An "Ask the Librarian" forum is set up in the discussion board. Students can post questions in this forum throughout the semester. This approach works best because students get accustomed to seeing and using the forum. Having a single forum also means that the librarian can quickly and easily check for questions from students in a single place rather than multiple ones.

Librarian Liaison Program

  Contact your liaison librarian with any questions or to schedule an instruction session for your class. 

Pauline Aiello, Canton Campus and Emerging Technology


Madge Boldt,

Nursing & Allied Health


Erin McCoy

Public Services & Social Sciences


Kay Neary

Humanities & Communication Arts


Rachel Zyirek

Business, Science

508-588-9100 x1933

Library Mission

The Massasoit Community College Libraries reflect the mission of the College by providing resources, comprehensive services, and a learning environment which foster the pursuit of lifelong learning of the College and surrounding communities.

  1. To provide access to diverse resources that support the information needs of the College community
  2. To promote the Library as an educational and cultural resource for the College community and the area it serves
  3. To encourage student success by teaching the skills needed to facilitate lifelong learning
  4. To increase faculty and staff collaboration, awareness and participation in library initiatives
  5. To acquire, preserve and make accessible the historical materials of the College and its alumni

Mission and Goals adopted by Library Staff

May 21, 2018