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ENGL251 - Honors Seminar: Ethics: Let's Get Started !

Research Guide for Honors Ethics class - use primarily as a guide toward final project


This guide is primarily a research guide for the Honors Seminar: Ethics class. Additionally, it presents Massasoit library information.  Use the tabs to find books, articles, videos, websites and other resources as you work on your class research project on the topic of Ethics.   Remember: If you need additional assistance, ask the Librarian.

Research Assignment


Need Help Choosing a Topic?

Can't decide on a topic?   Do you want some helpful advice ?

Be sure to choose a topic that is interesting to you.  It will make your assignment come alive for yourself and your professor.  If you need some ideas, here are a few places that may help spark your interest: 

Picking Your Topic IS Research

Used with permission from the North Carolina State University Libraries

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Research Process Overview

Step 1. Develop a topic

Select a Topic | Develop Research Questions | Identify Keywords | Find Background Information | Refine a Topic


Step 2. Locate information

Books & E-Books | Videos & Images | Articles | Websites | Grey Literature | Search Strategies


Step 3. Evaluate

Evaluate Sources | Primary vs Secondary | Types of Periodicals


Step 4: Write

Take Notes | Outline the Paper | Incorporate Source Material


Step 5: Cite

Plagiarism | MLA Format | MLA Examples | APA Format | APA Examples | Annotated Bibliographies