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eBooks: Read eBooks on your Computer

How to use eBooks available through the library

Gale, Infobase, and Salem Press eBooks

You do not need to install anything special or use a device to read these reference eBooks. You also do not need to check them out.

From the catalog, you will see a link to "click for availability." 

click for availability link in catalog

This will bring you to the eBook online. If instead you see a screen that lists a few library names, choose Massasoit. Once you click that, you will be taken to the eBook.

OverDrive on your computer

You can go directly to the Overdrive site for OCLN to browse the eBook collection.

Once you have found a book and checked it out with your library card, you are ready to download it.

You can use the library catalog to find OverDrive eBooks. 

Once you have a results list you can limit to eBook format using the menu on the left.

The easiest format for reading an OverDrive eBook on your PC is to choose the OverDrive Read format when downloading. Interestingly, the format is called HTML in the catalog, while on the OverDrive browse site it is called OverDrive Read.

Here are format options for the same eBook. This is how it appears in the catalog:


The formats appear this way in the OverDrive browse site.


The OverDrive browse site makes it a bit easier to understand which format to choose. Simply click on "Read in Browser."


The easiest eBook format to use for reading on a PC is HTML/OverDrive Read, which is covered on the Read tab. Other formats require additional software.

EPUB and PDF format 

If you see an eBook in EPUB or PDF formats, you will need software called Adobe Digital Editions. (The EPUB format can also be used within the OverDrive app, while PDF cannot.) You will be required to create an Adobe account and register your device with them.  

Kindle Format

You can download an eBook in Kindle format and use the Kindle Reader for PC

Loading ...

EBSCO eBooks on your computer

To read an Ebsco eBook on your computer, you do not need to install anything or check them out. The catalog will bring you to the eBook after choosing "Click for Online Availability" followed by "Massasoit."

Once in the eBook, you will see these options along the left.

Detailed Record, PDF Full Text, EPUB Full Text

Choose the PDF Full Text option in order to be able to read on your computer. (The EPUB Full Text option requires the app.)