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Citation Tools: Citation FAQ

Citation: A (Very) Brief Introduction

From North Caroline State University

Why do we cite?

Citations contain information about any work you have used in your research that is not your own.

The information that you will include in a citation will most often be the same no matter what style you are using; the information will just be listed differently.





Place of Publication

URL (Websites only)

Different disciplines call for different writing styles - ask your professor which style to use.

It is important to cite any source that you use in your research.

Here's why:

  • Citing gives proper credit to the original creator of the work.
  • Citing shows all of the sources you consulted in your research and displays your research process.
  • Citing provides a trail to help others find the sources you used.
  • Citing helps you to avoid plagiarism by showing where the information you used came from.