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ARTG112 - Typography: Presentation Tools

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Power Point Tips

An effective presentation is a combination of presentation software and other forms of communication, writing and reporting to persuade, convince, inform and enlighten.

Some tips to keep in mind when designing:

  • Keep it simple, elegant and professional. Limit the use of animation, transitions, and sound.
  • Practice no more than 4 by 4 rule when possible, 4 bullets with 4 words.
  • Edit ruthlessly. Have others proofread if possible.
  • Use real images whenever possible, not clipart.
  • Font size needs to be large enough to read, 18-24 pt is standard. Specialty fonts are hard to read.
  • Colors - change for emphasis as needed, but be consistent with design
  • Structure the presentation with an opening slide, outline of discussion, the subject material and a conclusion or summary.

Some tips when presenting:

  • Do not read your slides; there should be a balance between you and the slide content, otherwise, you are not needed!
  • Begin with a story to connect your audience, introduce yourself and the topic and make the subject matter relevant to them.
  • Know your audience and respect them.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!