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Source Evaluation: CRAAP Test: P is for Purpose

A quick reference guide to help you decide if a web resource is worth using.


The purpose of the site is the ultimate goal of the author. Is it to inform, promote, or enlighten?

Some Questions to Ask

  • Does the author seem biased?
    • This is not necessarily bad if it is an opinion. How do you intend to use the source?
  • Is the purpose of the article stated?
    • Is there a thesis statement?
  • Are editorials clearly identified?
  • Is the tone of the writing appropriate for the audience?
  • What's the purpose of the overall site?
    • This goes back to the Mission Statement
  • Is the site for profit?
    • Is the site trying to sell something?
    • Do they provide credible evidence for their claims?

Ultimately the big question you need to ask is: