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News Know-How: Getting Started

We are surrounded by information all day, every day! How do you know what to trust? This guide aims to guide you into thinking more deeply about the news we see, and to answer questions about fake news, media bias, filter bubbles, and more. 

News Know-How

When looking at information, ask yourself the following questions to verify information:

  •  Who says?
  • “How do they know?”
  • “Are they biased?”
  • “What don’t I know?”

What do I check?

  • proper names
  • place names
  • references to time, distance, date, season
  • physical descriptions
  • references to the sex of anyone described 
  • quotations (and facts within quotes)
  • any arguments or narrative that depends on fact

Source: The Fact Checker’s Bible: A Guide to Getting it Right, by Sarah Harrison Smith

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