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*Library Information: Hours and Building

Information you might need about the Massasoit Community College Library

Welcome to Massasoit College Libraries

Library Hours

Intersession Hours - Brockton 

January 2nd- 19th: 8:00am-4:30pm

Closed Saturdays

Regular hours resume January 22

Hours may vary from above. Contact
1-508-588-9100 x1941 for latest information.

Directions to Massasoit College campuses

Regular Hours - Canton

Mon-Thurs: 8:00am-8:00pm
Fridays 8:00am-4:00pm

Closed December 26th- January 22nd

Hours may vary from above. Contact
1-508-588-9100 x2942 for latest information.

Directions to Massasoit College campuses


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Library Mission

The Massasoit Community College Library reflects the mission of the College by

  • Providing its diverse population with the information resources that support a wide range of transfer and career programs. 
  • Teaching the information-seeking skills needed for success in college and for lifelong learning.
  • Preserving and making accessible the College’s historical materials.
  • Allowing the use of its facilities and collections to play a role in the intellectual and cultural life of the College community.

Building Use

 Library Study Areas:
  • Food items are limited to snacks and only re-sealable/twist top drink containers are allowed.
  • Resulting trash must be properly disposed of when leaving. 
Computer Area:
  •  No food items are allowed in the computer area.
  • Only re-sealable/twist top drink containers are allowed at computer workstations – these containers must be placed under the computer table.



The library is one floor with a lot of open space. Out of consideration for other patrons, the use of cell phones is not allowed in the library. Phones should be turned off or set to vibrate before entering.






  • The Brockton Library has two black and white printers. Students send their jobs to the print queue and then log onto one of two stations (located next to the printers) to release them. The cost of black and white printing is 10 cents per single-sided page and 15 cents per double-sided page.
  •  Color printing is available in the Brockton Library. Jobs sent to the color printer print immediately and don't need to be released. The cost is 25 cents per page.
  • Printing funds are added to students' accounts at the beginning of each semester: $15 each Fall and Spring, and $5 per Summer session. Students can add additional money to their accounts at the Business Office during regular business hours.
  • Non-student users are not able to print.
  • The Brockton Library has two photocopiers, located at the far right and left sides at the front of the library.
  • The Canton Library has a photocopier near the main desk.
  • Copying costs 15 cents per page.
  • The copiers take cash ($1 bills, quarters, nickels, and dimes; no cards). Money from students' printing accounts cannot be used for copying.

The staff at Massasoit Community College understands that in some circumstances it may be necessary to bring children on campus. Thus, although not encouraged, children are not prohibited from being on the campus so long as they are under the direct supervision of a parent and/or a designated adult at all times. College staff and faculty members responsible for specific College areas reserve the right to exclude children from that area when, in their judgment, it is in the interest of health, safety, or the educational process. The College cannot be responsible for the care and supervision of unattended children. Campus police will be asked to locate and return to the custody of the parent any unattended children.

Massasoit Library:

  • Does not control the content of the information that resides on the Internet nor is there an outside central control over its use or content. 
  • Does not use filtering software to block access to information resources and cannot protect its users from information or graphic images that they may find offensive.  

Internet access for research purposes is provided equally to all library users, regardless of age. Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information accessed by their children.


Conduct Policy

Massasoit Community College Library is committed to providing a quiet, welcoming, respectful atmosphere conducive to study and research in an environment that is comfortable, clean, and safe for both library users and staff. Any behavior that interferes with the operation of the Library or its users may be considered disruptive.

Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to,

  • Excessive noise,
  • Intimidation,
  • Abuse,
  • Smoking and other tobacco related activities,
  • Other disruptive actions.

At the discretion of staff, disruptive users may be asked to move to another area or leave the Library entirely. If the user refuses to comply, Campus Police will be contacted for assistance.