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Faculty Tool Kit: MLILM

A guide to Library services and resources for faculty

Massasoit Libraries Information Literacy Modules (MLILM) are inspired by the skills and steps necessary to complete the research process and were created as a collaboration between the Library, Writing Center, and Online Learning. In addition to a general library orientation, MLILMs break down the research process into four distinct, student-centered sections:

  • Reading the Assignment
  • Picking Your Topic
  • Locating & Evaluating Information
  • Synthesizing Information

In order to view what is in MLILMs, you need to be added to the course in Canvas. Please us the form below, or contact your liasion librarian for more information. 

MLILM Specifics

MLILMs reside in Canvas for simple integration into your course. Each module consists of:

  • A short conceptual introduction
  • A 2-3 minute video
  • A related accountability measure often in the form of an online quiz, discussion board, or worksheet

The modules are meant to be editable and adaptable. They can stand alone as assignments to bolster information literacy skills, or be incorporated into library classroom sessions.

Modules can also be used actively as graded assignments, or passively, to reinforce knowledge acquired previously. Instructors can opt to set point values for assessments.

Be sure to go through all of the modules to see what fits your class; you can pick and choose which modules you would like to import based on your students’ needs and the specific course. Consider beginning with the library orientation module, which provides your students with a short introduction to using the library’s website and asking for help.